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Crushed Stone

Since 1967, Kemp Quarries has produced crushed stone that has helped lay the foundation of our communities. We offer dozens of products that will meet your needs.



With locations that cover parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, we can get you the product you need. Whether it be for your new pool, your ready-mix plant , or your asphalt plant, Kemp Quarries has you covered.

Granite boulders in the New Bedford Fairhaven hurricane barrier provide shelter for a variety of animals

State Approved Material

Kemp Quarries has been helping build your roads and bridges for over 50 years. Our commitment to quality and service, and the superior product we offer separates us from our competitors. State approved and time tested since the beginning.


Our Skills & Expertise

Construction aggregates have formed the underpinnings for many of our cities, towns and transportation networks. Thousands of years ago, civilizations built entire cities with stone, sand and gravel, and many of these ancient structures still exist today. Aggregates are durable, attractive, and can be used in many different applications. On average, every American uses approximately eight tons of aggregates each year. Although our principal product is construction aggregates, Kemp Quarries offers a variety of other state approved products and services including state approved materials for asphalt, ready-mix concrete, agriclutural, chemical, and industrial materials.

From driveways to runways, Kemp Quarries can meet your most demanding needs. Still delivering one load at a time!

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